OpenRiskNet e-Infrastructure

The main concept of the OpenRiskNet infrastructure are virtual research environments (VRE) integrating data, analysis, modelling and simulation services for all areas of risk assessment, which can be deployed to workstations as well as public and in-house cloud infrastructures.

Case Studies →
To get familiar with the OpenRiskNet concept before you start using the services, consult our case studies that are used to test the usability of the integrated tools, services and data.

Infrastructure development →
The design concept of the e-Infrastructure explained.

Webinars →
Watch the recordings of the webinars introducing the infrastructure.

Resources & Training →
Browse our resources and training materials to get familiar with the services and tools available in the e-infrastructure. On top of tutorials and video demonstrations, you will also find information on our publications (e.g. peer-review articles, presentations, posters) that may help you further learn about OpenRiskNet concepts and implementations.

Workflows →
Workflows that can be directly applied or used as examples for further adaptations.

Try it out

Feel free to test out one or multiple of the available services.

The Service Catalogue →

Resources for end-users →
For scientists and members of academia, industry or regulatory agencies who would like to use the infrastructure for their predictive toxicology and risk assessment tasks.

Resources for developers →
For service developers, infrastructure providers or data managers who would like to integrate their databases and software tools into the OpenRiskNet infrastructure.

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Requirements survey →
Help us optimize the infrastructure according to your needs by filling in this short survey.

Help desk →
Report issues, give feedback and browse our knowledge base.