Implementation Challenge

The Implementation Challenge was created to select external tools especially in areas of risk assessment not completely covered by the OpenRiskNet consortium to be prioritized for their integration into the e-infrastructure. Third parties can apply for partial financially and strongly technically support by researchers and developers of OpenRiskNet partners. The scientific advisory board will work together with the coordinator and the WP leaders to evaluate the proposed services and select the winning groups. Everyone can apply for this challenge (with the exception of members of the OpenRiskNet consortium) and if the corresponding tool is selected, the winner is asked to become an associated partner.

Similar to the internal services, the funds and the technical support will cover the work associated with making the service OpenRiskNet compliant. This includes the adoption of the OpenRiskNet API concept including the interoperability layer, generation of the data schemata for in- and output as well as the containerization for deployment.

6.000 - 12.000 € (in-kind work contributions) will be provided depending on the complexity of the service to be integrated and the amount of adaptations needed.


Deadlines for the implementation challenges:

  • 31 October 2018
  • 31 January 2019
  • 30 April 2019


Winners of the implementation challenge (31 October 2018 deadline):

  • Holly Mortensen (US Environmental Protection Agency)
    • AOP-DB (The Adverse Outcome Pathway Database)
  • Hyun Kil Shin (Korea Institute of Toxicology)
    • Daphnia magna nanotoxicity database
    • Nano-QSAR to predict cytotoxicity of metal and metal oxide nanoparticles
  • Matthias Timberlake (ToxPlanet)
    • ToxPlanet database
  • Johannes Kirchmair (University of Bergen and Universitaet Hamburg)
    • FAst MEtabolizer (FAME)
  • Antreas Afantitis (NovaMechanics Ltd)
    • Enalos InSilicoNano platform: an online decision support tool for the design and virtual screening of nanoparticles
    • A Risk Assessment Tool for the Virtual Screening of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles through Enalos InSilicoNano Platform
  • Igor Tetko (BIGCHEM GmbH)
    • OCHEM models
    • OCHEM descriptors
    • OCHEM model development tool

Winners of the implementation challenge (31 January 2019 deadline):

  • Urban Fagerholm (Prosilico)
    • Prosilico Human Clinical ADME/PK-Studio
  • Rachael Skyner (Diamond Light Source Ltd.)
    • BruteReg
    • PySquonk

Winners of the implementation challenge (30 April 2019 deadline):

  • Benjamin Haibe-Kains (University Health Network)
    • ToxicoDB
  • Katy Wolstencroft (Leiden University (on behalf of EJP RD))
    • ToxTargetLinks

The description of the services will be available in the Service Catalogue.

Selection criteria

  • Complementary to the tools from within the consortium
    • Less covered areas of the risk assessment framework
    • Combinable with data and tools already available or planned to be integrated (e.g. uses input provided by ORN partners)
  • Relatively high TRL preferable with existing APIs.
  • Adding requirements for the infrastructure, e.g.
    • High or highly varying demand of computer resources
    • Complex workflow linking different tools
    • Need to access commercial license

How to apply

The application process is now closed.


Dr. Thomas Exner
Chief Scientific Officer at Edelweiss Connect GmbH