OpenRiskNet would like to ensure the usability of the infrastructure, alignment with the community as well as to pursue complete coverage of important tools. Please consider joining our effort in any of these ways:

Join the Associated Partner Programme

This Programme aims to strengthen the working ties between the OpenRiskNet Consortium members and other organisations within relevant scientific and technology communities. Any organisation such as a university, institute, consortium, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or large commercial companies can become an Associate Partner of OpenRiskNet.

The Implementation Challenge

In this challenge, external tools, especially in areas of risk assessment not completely covered by the OpenRiskNet consortium will be selected for prioritized integration partial financially and strongly technically supported by researchers of OpenRiskNet partners. The scientific advisory board will work together with the coordinator and the WP leaders to prioritize the proposed services and select the winning groups. Everyone can apply for this challenge (with the exception of members of the OpenRiskNet consortium) and if the corresponding tool is selected, the winner is asked to become an associated partner.

OpenRiskNet Requirements Analysis

We are also inviting any interested party to fill in a Requirements Analysis survey, investigating the needs of end user and developers for the knowledge e-infrastructure for risk assessment. This would be an excellent starting point to include your requirements and follow-up with you with more specific discussions on how to best support you e.g. for getting additional tools into the system.

Work on Case Studies

In OpenRiskNet, case studies are used to test and evaluate all solutions provided. To ensure that the infrastructure is fit for purpose and fulfills all your requirements, we invite you to actively participate in the execution of the case studies and even the design of new ones regardless of whether you are a service provider or end user (academic and industry researcher, risk assessor or regulator).


Dr. Thomas Exner
Chief Scientific Officer at Edelweiss Connect GmbH