OpenRiskNet Intellectual Properties Policy

OpenRiskNet is providing the core infrastructure as well as the definitions of programming interfaces available to the community in the most open way possible. These core components, which are the outcome of the technical developments undertaken within the OpenRiskNet project running Dec. 2016 to Nov. 2019 and are based in large part on Open-Source community-driven frameworks, are released to the public domain and made available under similar open source licenses permitting reproduction of the work in print or digital form, creation of derivative works, and displaying the work and distributing copies or digitally transferring the work. More details are available in the specific licenses provided with each component.

With respect to the data and software services integrated into OpenRiskNet, only the adaptations needed to make them OpenRiskNet-compliant are considered part of the core infrastructure (definitions of harmonised application programming interfaces with semantic annotation). The IP rights on the services themselves (scientific and technical realisation) are not touched in any way by their integration into OpenRiskNet and stay completely with the service provider (consortium or associated partners), who can decide on the license (open source or commercial) completely independent from the license used for the core infrastructure components. In the same way, multiple license models are supported by OpenRiskNet for new, third-party services as the microservice/containerisation approach pursued can accommodate all licensing schemes, including both Open Source licenses (e.g. GPL, LGPL) and non-Open Source licenses. Services under any of these licenses including Open Source can have service business models including charges for use, customisation, training and support. The only requirement for any OpenRiskNet-compliant service is that the specifications of the application programming interfaces not the source code, which as already mentioned above are considered part of the OpenRiskNet core infrastructure, have to be publicly available to allow the combination of the tools into workflows provided that the user obtained the needed license for the software.