SOT 57th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo

Conference, Exhibition
11 – 15 Mar 2018 / San Antonio, US

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Poster, Oral presentation

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Edelweiss Connect GmbH (EwC)

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OpenRiskNet, an open e-infrastructure to support data sharing, knowledge integration and in silico analysis and modelling in risk assessment
Exner T, Dokler J, Bachler D, Farcal L, Evelo C, Willighagen E, Jacobs M, Doganis P, Sarimveis H, Lynch I, Kramer S, Notredame C, Jennen D, Gkoutos G, Spjuth S, Jennings P, Dudgeon T, Bois F, Hardy B
12 Mar 2018
OpenRiskNet ( is an EU funded infrastructure project with the main objective to develop an open e-infrastructure providing resources and services to a variety of industries requiring risk assessment, including chemicals, cosmetic ingredients, drugs and nanomaterials. The OpenRiskNet approach is to work on different case studies to test and evaluate requirements to overcome the fragmentation of data and tools and to provide solutions improving the harmonization of data, usability and interoperability of application programming interfaces (APIs) and the deployment into virtual infrastructure. The cases present real-world settings such as systems biology approaches for grouping compounds, read-across applications using chemical and biological similarity, and identifying areas of concern based only on alternative methods approaches.

Publisher: Society of Toxicology (SOT)
Target audience: Risk assessors, Researchers, Regulators, Data modellers
Open access: yes
Licence: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Organisations involved: EwC, JGU, CRG, UM, UoB, NTUA, Fraunhofer, UU, VU, IM, INERIS

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Mixed audience (scientists, regulatory, industry, developers, etc.): 1000