OpenRiskNet e-infrastructure demonstration session

Webinar (organized by OpenRiskNet)
4 Oct 2018

Activity details

Demonstration session addressed to OpenRiskNet stakeholders and hosted by US Nano Working Group.

Organisations involved

Edelweiss Connect GmbH (EwC)
Uppsala Universitet (UU)
Informatics Matters Limited (IM)

Resources & Training materials

Webinar recording
OpenriskNet webinar: demonstration on services (Nano WG - Part 2)
9 Nov 2018

Publisher: OpenRiskNet
Target audience: Risk assessors, Researchers, Nanosafety community, OpenRiskNet stakeholders, Data modellers, Bioinformaticians, Software developers
Organisations involved: EwC, UU, IM
Webinar recording

Audience reached

Mixed audience (scientists, regulatory, industry, developers, etc.): 20