Building risk assessment workflows with OpenRiskNet - Hands-on Workshop

Workshop (organized by OpenRiskNet)
11 Oct 2018 / Athens, GR

Activity details

This workshop aims at providing the users with experience on using the OpenRiskNet infrastructure for risk assessment. Users will investigate a problem from nanosafety, studying a panel of nanoparticles (including dry powders of oxides of titanium, zinc, cerium and silicon, dry powders of silvers, suspensions of polystyrene latex beads and dry particles of carbon black, nanotubes and fullerene, as well as diesel exhaust particles). The OpenRiskNet infrastructure will be employed to generate models on the toxicity of studied nanoparticles, more specifically the Jaqpot platform for modelling, available at

Organisations involved

Edelweiss Connect GmbH (EwC)
National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

Links and additional materials

Audience reached

Developers: 4
Researchers: 3
Regulators: 2
Modellers: 3
Mixed audience (scientists, regulatory, industry, developers, etc.): 5
Industry: 3