EOSC-Life Hackathon

14 – 15 Nov 2019 / Berlin, DE

Activity details

OpenRisknet will be represented at this event by Tim Dudgeon (Informatics Matters Ltd., UK). The hackathon is dedicated mainly to technical experts from EOSC-Life infrastructures who have ESFRI-related data sets or workflows that they want to deploy onto the cloud in the mid- to long-term.

The aim of the event is to:

  1. Equip attendees to support their infrastructures/demonstrators with the necessary skills to implement their proposals
  2. Promote knowledge exchange  – e.g. image based methods – shared on a thematic basis – among data experts
  3. Network - build a support team
  4. Deliver best practice

Organisations involved

Informatics Matters Limited (IM)

Links and additional materials