Major updates to the OpenRiskNet website

23 October 2018

The OpenRiskNet website was first released in June 2017, to enable presentation of project work to its stakeholders (end-users and developers), the scientific community and to the general public. The website contains information on project objectives and partners, detailed information on the Associate Partner Programme and a list of dissemination activities (events, publications and other resources). On the technical development side, the website provides information on case studies and associated use cases.

On 19 October 2018, a new version of the website was released including major changes on its structure and the information provided. The new features of the websites (e.g. catalogue of services, resources & training, list of events, etc.) released recently aim to support even more all project stakeholders in browsing and accessing the information on the available services and resources addressed to users.

The e-infrastructure catalogue provides a detailed description of the available services (e.g. on the type, category, applicability domain and topic, targeted industry or targeted users, biological area covered, etc.). This categorisation supports the filtering and selection of appropriate services by the users. The description includes the direct links to the service environment and/or to the API definition and also to all related support resources (service provider, contact, information on the licence, resources and training materials). Moreover, the catalogue features tags describing the different status of the integration into the OpenRiskNet VRE.

The new section on the resources & training lists all available publications (e.g. peer-review articles, posters, oral presentations) and tutorials (including video materials). These resources are linked to the OpenRiskNet services in the e-infrastructure and also to the events section. The latter lists all events where the stakeholders can meet and interact with OpenRiskNet members, and also includes the events organised or co-organised by OpenRiskNet.

The development of the website is continuing in order to refine the existing features and also to add new ones to make it even more useful for you.