OpenRiskNet webinar series

17 September 2018

A series of webinars are organised by OpenRiskNet in order to introduce the project and demonstrate on the e-infrastructure services and case studies.

First sessions are scheduled for 24 Sep 2018 (4 pm CEST) and 27 Sep 2018 (4 pm CEST). Additional dates will be selected based on the registrants preference.

Please sign up for these meeting using the doodle poll. The registrant will receive the login information by email.

All presentations and webinars recordings will be available in the Resources & Training page.

Topics to be covered in the webinars:

  • Introduction to OpenRiskNet project
  • Introduction to OpenRiskNet e-infrastructure
  • Case studies
  • Demonstration on OpenRiskNet services (Jaqpot, QSAR with CPSign, Jupyter notebook workflow using TG-GATEs, BridgeDb, WikiPathways, Squonk Computational Notebook, Lazar tool, etc.)
  • Associate partner programme - implementation challenge
  • Questions and answers