Highlights of OpenRiskNet on the EU Digital Single Market website

26 February 2020

"The paradigm shift in toxicology imposed by new regulations resulting from increased public awareness and pressure for animal welfare is only possible as a collective effort of all stakeholders from academia, industry and regulatory agencies", says Thomas Exner, the coordinator of OpenRiskNet in a recent interview on the achievements of the project published on the EU Digital Single Market website.

The interview covered aspects on the main goals of the project and how they were met, how will the outcomes of OpenRiskNet be harnessed now that the project ended, as well as appreciations on the importance of EU funding for the European research and how has it contributed to the success of OpenRiskNet.

Read the full interview here: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/news/open-e-infrastructure-support-predictive-toxicology-and-risk-assessment