Materials and tutorials for the Deployment Workshop available to participants

3 October 2019

The hands-on workshop will shows how to deploy containerised applications to an OpenRiskNet Virtual Environment. It provides background information and simple examples of deploying applications. Some basic understanding of using containers (e.g. Docker) is assumed.

The schedule include the instructions for getting started, tutorials and exercises:

  • Tutorial 1 - Introduction to containers, Kubernetes and OpenShift
    • Exercise A - Deploying the PySimple container using the web console
  • Tutorial 2 - Description of key Kubernetes objects
    • Exercise B - Deploying the PySimple container using the CLI
    • Exercise C - Deploying Lazar - a real world application
  • Tutorial 3 - Introduction to persistent storage
    • Exercise D - Deploying a persistent PySimple
  • Tutorial 4 - Configuration
  • Tutorial 5 - Probes and resource limits
  • Tutorial 6 - Advanced deployment techniques

Workshop repository: 

This workshop is loosely based around the content of the webinar that took place in June 2019.