3rd Consortium Annual Meeting concluded

14 November 2019

The final general assembly and 3rd Annual Meeting was held on 22 October 2019 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The aim of this meeting was to present and discuss the project progress, deliverables and its final reporting at month 36. WP and tasks leaders presented and lead discussions on the latest updates on the tasks and the status of the final deliverables, including eventual issues.

General Assembly meeting included discussions on the overall project status, issues and eventual decisions to be made, planning the final technical and financial reporting period and also for the final review meeting. Further updates on the management and coordination activities were discussed. A calendar of actions for the final period of the project was discussed and agreed by all project members. WP1 discussions were focused on the Associated Partners and Implementation Challenge programmes and the case studies implementation. Then the WP2 presented the progress and the e-infrastructure status, while several issues were discussed and clarified (e.g. metrics, hosting and migration of the e-infrastructure, reference environment, etc.). This was followed by discussions in WP4 on services integration, alignment with the case studies and associated partners services. The progress of WP3 and WP6 were presented jointly, and included updates on the dissemination and training activities, exploitation and sustainability actions (PEDR), the data management plan and other ethics aspects. The agenda and the slides are available on the project website. The consortium meeting was followed by a 2-day final workshop.