Data Explorer serving ToxCast, ToxRefDB and TG-GATEs data

Collection of toxicological data sources exposed via OpenTox
Three of the most popular toxicologic open data sources are already publically available: the EPA's in vitro ToxCast/Tox21 database, the EPA's in vivo ToxRefDB database and the NIBIOHN's toxicogenomics Open TG-Gates database. We have made the data accessible online via the internet in real time as a REST style API. Such APIs can easily be consumed by a wide range of workflow tools (e.g. KNIME, Garuda) and programming languages (e.g. R, Python or Javascript).

For end-users
Database / data source, Application
Toxicology, chemical properties and bioassay databases, Omics database
Applicability domain:
Computational modelling, Toxicology, Bioinformatics, Predictive toxicology
Risk assessment, Chemical properties
Biological area:
NOAEL/LOAEL, Omics, Acute toxicity
Targeted industry:
Drugs, Chemicals
Targeted users:
Risk assessors, Researchers, Students
Relevant OpenRiskNet case study:
DataCure - Data curation and creation of pre-reasoned datasets and searching

Provided by:
Douglas Connect
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Login required:
Implementation status:
API documentation available (Swagger-OpenAPI v2), Graphical user interface available, Available as web service
Integration status:
Integration in progress
Service integration operations completed:
Utilises the OpenRiskNet APIs to ensure that each service is accessible to our proposed interoperability layer.
Is annotated according to the semantic interoperability layer concept using defined ontologies.
Is containerised for easy deployment in virtual environments of OpenRiskNet instances.
Has documented scientific and technical background.
Is deployed into the OpenRiskNet reference environment.
Is listed in the OpenRiskNet discovery services.
Is listed in other central repositories like eInfraCentral, and TeSS (ELIXIR).
Provides legal and ethical statements on how the service can be used.