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The Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) Wiki serves as the primary repository of qualitative information for the international AOP development effort coordinated by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It describes an AOP in terms of key events (KEs), which represent measurable steps along a pathway from a molecular perturbation to an adverse outcome for an organism or population. KEs are connected via relationships (KERs), which capture the evidence supporting the AOP in a structured way. Connections among different AOPs are automatically made when two or more AOPs share a common KE. The AOP-Wiki provides access to the AOP information via a web interface that supports browsing and searching for AOPs, KEs, KERs, and stressors known to perturb the AOPs. The AOP-Wiki also provides programmatic access to all information via web services as well as downloadable files containing all content in XML format. In addition, the AOP-Wiki provides a user the ability to create snapshots of each AOP in html and pdf formats, which can be used for offline access. The snapshots also represent a static version of the AOP and are currently used for the OECD review of AOPs that are part of the OECD AOP workplan. The AOP Wiki represents one module of a larger AOP knowledgebase, and content from all modules is available via a central e.AOP.Portal (

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AOPLink - Identification and Linking of Data related to AOPWiki

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