A database for curated toxicogenomic datasets
ToxicoDB isa web-application based on the code base of the existing PharmacoDB web-application. The ToxicoDB web-app will provide an intuitive interface for all users (including users that are not computational savvy) to mine the complex toxicogenomic data. This will increase the visibility of the data and the curation efforts of the OpenRiskNet and facilitate access to toxicogenomic data and analytical tool to the whole scientific community.

For end-users
For developers
Database / data source, Application, Visualisation tool, Software
API Type:
Omics database, Toxicology, chemical properties and bioassay databases, Processing and analysis, Knowledge bases and data mining
Applicability domain:
Bioinformatics, Predictive toxicology
Predictive modelling, Information extraction
Biological area:
Targeted users:
Software Developers, Data managers, Researchers, Students
Relevant OpenRiskNet case studies:
  • SysGroup - A systems biology approach for grouping compounds
  • TGX - Toxicogenomics-based prediction and mechanism identification

Provided by:
University Health Network
Senior Scientist Princess Margaret Cancer Centre University Health Network Tel: +1 416 581 8626 Email:
GNU Lesser General Public License 3 (LGPLv3.0)
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Technology readiness level:
TRL 2 – technology concept formulated
Integration status:
Integration in progress