Squonk Computational Notebook

Scientific workflows make simple
GUI already available. Working on making squonk services available to other ORN services and on allowing squonk to consume services from other ORN tools/services

For developers
For end-users
Database / data source, Service, Workflow
Visualisation and reporting, Processing and analysis
Targeted industry:
Chemicals, Nanotechnology, Drugs, Cosmetics, Food
Targeted users:
Software Developers, Risk assessors, Researchers, Students
Relevant OpenRiskNet case studies:
  • AOPLink - Identification and Linking of Data related to AOPWiki
  • DataCure - Data curation and creation of pre-reasoned datasets and searching
  • MetaP - Metabolism Prediction
  • ModelRX - Modelling for Prediction or Read Across
  • RevK - Reverse dosimetry and PBPK prediction
  • SysGroup - A systems biology approach for grouping compounds
  • TGX - Toxicogenomics-based prediction and mechanism identification

Provided by:
Informatics Matters
Login required:
Implementation status:
Graphical user interface available
Integration status:
Integrated application
Service integration operations completed:
Utilises the OpenRiskNet APIs to ensure that each service is accessible to our proposed interoperability layer.
Is annotated according to the semantic interoperability layer concept using defined ontologies.
Is containerised for easy deployment in virtual environments of OpenRiskNet instances.
Has documented scientific and technical background.
Is deployed into the OpenRiskNet reference environment.
Is listed in the OpenRiskNet discovery services.
Is listed in other central repositories like eInfraCentral, bio.tools and TeSS (ELIXIR).
Provides legal and ethical statements on how the service can be used.