OpenRiskNet case studies enter final, test phase

31 January 2019

OpenRiskNet’s work on case studies is entering the final phase with the focus on demonstrating infrastructure capabilities and on testing different risk assessment scenarios. The case studies provide examples and prototypes for solutions provided to the predictive toxicology and risk assessment community and demonstrate usage of the developed APIs and the interoperability features to build integrated workflows.

  • DataCure - Data curation and creation of pre-reasoned datasets and searching
  • ModelRX - Modelling for Prediction or Read Across
  • SysGroup - A systems biology approach for grouping compounds
  • MetaP- Metabolism Prediction
  • AOPLink - Identification and Linking of Data related to AOPWiki
  • TGX - Toxicogenomics-based prediction and mechanism identification
  • RevK - Reverse dosimetry and PBPK prediction

These cases also demonstrate how OpenRiskNet offers customised approaches for the  different stakeholder groups (e.g., researchers, risk assessors and regulators) and provides fit-for-purpose services and solutions to real-world applications (e.g., systems biology approaches for grouping compounds; read-across applications using chemical and biological similarity).

Users are invited to become familiar with the OpenRiskNet concept before using its services. Please see Webinars recording and consult the case studies description that point out the services available and specific training materials. Over next few months, live demonstrations will be organised through public webinars to allow users to interact with OpenRiskNet service-providers.