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29 January 2020

How to generate a consensus model for Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) permeability using OpenRiskNet services?

One of the highlights from OpenRiskNet's workshop in Amsterdam was the demonstration of how OpenRiskNet's services can be used for generating consensus models. A case in point is modelling Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) penetration. Multiple BBB models are already present on the OpenRiskNet reference site (CPSign, Jaqpot, Lazar, Weka), and an obvious question is which is best? Or maybe a better question is can I generate a consensus model from these that is better than any individual one?

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20 November 2019

The Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy were updated: 20 November 2019

The Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of OpenRiskNet e-infrastructure and website were updated based on the feedback received from the Data Protection Officer.

The new effective date is 20 November 2019.

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14 November 2019

3rd Consortium Annual Meeting concluded

The final general assembly and 3rd Annual Meeting was held on 22 October 2019 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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11 November 2019

Final OpenRiskNet Workshop report

The Final OpenRiskNet Workshop was organised on 23-24 October 2019 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The topic of the events was "Creating powerful workflows combining data and software services demonstrated on risk assessment case studies". The workshop was attended by 53 participants, representing all OpenRiskNet stakeholders (scientific, industrial and regulatory communities). This ensured that all relevant and targeted groups that need to be aware of the project achievements have access to this information and are enabled to give feedback, and also be trained on the provided solutions.

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8 October 2019

Final Agenda of the Workshop

The Final Agenda and the Abstracts Booklet of the OpenRiskNet is available on the web site. 

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3 October 2019

Materials and tutorials for the Deployment Workshop available to participants

The hands-on workshop will shows how to deploy containerised applications to an OpenRiskNet Virtual Environment. It provides background information and simple examples of deploying applications. Some basic understanding of using containers (e.g. Docker) is assumed.

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15 July 2019

OpenRiskNet webinars concluded

With ten webinar sessions organised in 2019 and four introduction sessions in 2018, OpenRiskNet outreached ~300 participants from different sectors and related areas like risk assessment,  e-infrastructures, nanosafety, modelling, toxicology, AOPs or regulatory.

All materials produced during these sessions (video recordings, slides, additional resources) are available online.

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